The rainforest conservation shop was established to market the beautiful indigenous art of the Amazonian Indians. To help support the core costs of the stores and Peru Verde's operational costs, we decided to sell traditional products on the amazonian theme. Products are available at any of our seven stores in Peru. For more information please email


Conservation work image Conservation work image
Original indigenous art available in Machiguenga, Yine-Yame, Ashaninka, Amarakaire, Ese'Eja, Bora, and Shipibo designs.
15 different Amazonian T-shirt designs available for adults and children, as tank tops, T- and long sleeved -shirts.


Conservation work image Conservation work image
Award winning videos featuring Peru Verde's work and the wonders of the Peruvian Amazon
Posters and postcards by BBC wildlife Photographer of the year, Andre Bartschi, and others.


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