Conservation work

Peru Verde works to protect and add value to the biological and cultural heritage of Peru, creating jobs for and with the participation of the very people who find themselves at the cutting edge of biodiversity destruction. Our pioneering approach to ecotourism run by the local people of Peru has created thousands of sustainable jobs principally by systematically showcasing Peruís most attractive animals and plants in a way that was never conceived of before. Thanks to efforts of Peru Verde scientists, half of the 26,000 tourists who visit the rainforests of southern Peru each year now pay more and stay longer in the rainforest to enjoy close-up views of macaw clay licks, Tapir clay licks, Giant Otters, or Andean Cocks of the Rock. These four compelling attractions were not options for tourism prior to our work. In effect, we have used the scientific data flowing from our basic and applied biological research to generate wealth and jobs.

Peru Verde is currently working in three areas:

Habitat protection

The Manu Cloudforest Reserve: Peru Verde owns and protects 4,500 h of pristine cloudforest next to the Manu National Park. The reserve is home to the Cock-of-the -Rock, the Spectacled Bear, 5 species of monkeys and hundreds of species of birds. Peru Verde manages a small wildlife lodge and rsearch station that welcomes scientists and visitors throughout the year. (Cock-of-the-Rock-Lodge).

Tapir Reserve: Peru Verde owns and protects 54 h of lowland rainforest around a spetacular Tapir Lick that is also visited by deer, porcupines, peccaries and numerous birds. The reserve is protected from hunters by the Peru Verde team. To visit please contact the Manu Wildlife Center.

Abra Malaga: To avoid the cutting of pristine high-altitude Polylepis sp. forest by a tea producing company, Peru Verde decided to rent the 1800h property for 2 years. Peru Verde is currently looking for funds to buy the property to ensure a long-term protection of this rare and unique habitat for Andean endemic birds.

Conservation through tourism: Currently, Peru Verde owns or exclusively markets 138 in four rainforest lodges accessible from Cusco. The main goal of each lodge is to protect thousands of hectares of critical rain forest habitat surrounding each lodge. Peru Verde also owns a travel agency that markets the lodges and other Peruvian destinations.
Conservation work image Conservation work image Conservation work image

Wildlife Monitoring and Protection



Macaw Lick Protection: Peru Verde is currently working with two communities to protect four macaw claylicks in the area of the Tambo River, Lower Urubamba and Sepahua. To support our work we encourage you to visit these licks. Your visits to these and other Peru Verde sites are key to ensure the protection of the Peruvian Amazon.

Flamingo Monitoring: Peru Verde is co-founder of the Grupo de Conservacion Flamencos Altoandinos (GCFA). Together with biologists from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, the Peru Verde team has taken part in the first simultaneous census of the endangered James and Andean Flamingos. Today, Peru Verde regularly censuses the flamingo populations.

Tapir Lick protection: Through a permanent presence at the tapir lick in Manu, Peru Verde has stopped the hunting activities in one of the largest and most accesible tapir licks of the Manu area. As well as tourist visits, there is an on-going research program and research proposals are always welcome.

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock: Peru Verde protects and monitors the population of a very accessible display ground of the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock. Through its permanent protection from hunters, Peru Verde can guarantee views of dancing Cocks-of-the-Rock.

Peru Verde supports the research actvities of national and international students by providing logistics, equipment and expert advice.
Conservation work image Conservation work image Conservation work image

Sustainable Development

Ecotourism: Peru Verde is experimenting with different models of ecotourism development to create local employment and conservation. Please read more in our ecotourism section.

Agriculture: Peru Verde is working in sustainable agriculture with communities in the Manu area. Unlike other lodge owners that prefer to fly in their products from the city, Peru Verde buys locally. Peru Verde offers training workshops to local communities on sustainable agriculture.

Handicrafts: Through the sales at our 7 Rainforest Conservation Shops throughout Peru, we have developed an exclusive line of indigenous handicrafts that generate a constant income to communities from the Ucayali, Madre de Dios and Cusco region. To help mantain the core costs of the stores and to satisfy demand, Peru Verde is also selling a collection of T-shirts and silver jewelry with different rainforest designs. Informative videos and books about Peru's rainforests and our conservation work are also available. In October Peru Verde is offering a training workshop to more than 50 artisans in Sepahua. Peru Verde will not sell any items made with animal parts.
All proceeds from the stores and the ecotourism operations go directly to cover Peru Verde core expenses and conservation projects.
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